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Does a website need to be mobile?

Offering: Multi-platform sites, Content managed, brochure & blog sites, Mobile sites/Apps

The stats say that people look online on their phones or tablets as much as their desktops and the evidence is all around. Increasingly, the brief is for multi-platform or responsive websites. And that is only the beginning. We like to tell a brand’s story through a website. We will work with you on your initial ideas and siteplan and get inside your company’s digital requirement. Together we will create a website that brings your company and product to life.

Can blogs be used for business?

Offering: WordPress blog sites, Bespoke blog sites

Blogs used to be just about giving your news and opinions in that continuous stream blog format. They are so much more now. Being multi-tiered in terms of page format and function, they work as effective websites that happen to include a blog page. From a client’s point of view, they are simple to update, and, as they get updated more often than a static website; search engines love them. That makes a lot of business sense. Why do you think we’ve used a blog for our own website?

Is social media appropriate for business?

Offering: Branding/advertising/management of engagement & tone of voice on popular social media networks

Ok, whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. There was a time where it was deemed inappropriate for certain sectors. But this ‘social scene’ is ever evolving and there is now a network for all businesses. So bag one or more channels, get engaging and get ahead. We can create a company’s social brand vision and strategy to get you started. We can also help you manage the time required for regular social participation – it doesn’t have to be as time consuming as you think.

How do banner ads work?

Offering: Animated/static banners, Targeted placement on websites/social media, Remarketing

Banner ads work best placed on national/local news websites, relevant industry websites, Google’s Display Network or on social networks. We recommend a run of 3 months to establish the most effective placement for your business. The combination of the opting for a decent campaign run, that banners connect people to your brand by being interactive and the fact they are shown thousands of times to specific demographics of the population – results in a powerful advertising medium that can drive a high traffic volume to your site.

Is search engine optimisation still used?

Offering: On-page optimisation, Off-page optimisation

That would be a yes. Optimising your site works two ways (a) it helps get your site found by the search engines and (b) it helps the visitor understand your brand by only uploading the most specific and pertinent of keyword content. It is essentially common sense which we’re rather good at.

Isn’t Google Adwords expensive?

Offering: Campaign creation, Monitoring of campaign in Google Adwords and Google Analytics, Stats reports

It can be, but, a significant increase of traffic to your site can be made by devising a more cost effective, intelligent campaign that uses only the most up to date and relevant search phrases to your business. We would create a campaign that appeals to all groups within your target market and works effectively across both mobile and desktop platforms. Our constant monitoring of the campaign’s keywords with our eye for detail will give you complete control over your budget and boost that conversion rate.

Are there any domain names left?

Offering: Name search via Companies House, Domain registration, Naming, Brand identity/application

It is harder than ever to create a company name that is both unique and available as a domain name. However, a little ingenuity and a little more hard graft can resolve this. After establishing domain availability, we create brand identities that add value to a business and are the starting point for further digital collateral.

Don’t people just delete e-shots?

Offering: E-Shot design, build and mailout

If you have a loyal following, you’ve got yourself a warm audience who will not only keep your company e-shot, but read it too. E-Shots, when created and mailed out by those in the know, are in fact the perfect digital marketing tool for relaying news, services and products to interested parties – without the worry of ending up as being blacklisted, or worse; unnoticed. We can create E-Shot campaigns that build upon your brand, and, crucially, get clicks in the fast moving, demanding email environment.

What can I use to monitor my web traffic?

Offering: Google Analytics monitoring, Email campaign monitoring, Google Adwords monitoring, Stats reports

Whatever software is used to track a particular digital activity, we recommend following this up with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is as comprehensive as it’s user friendly. It makes it possible to see the general flow of traffic to your site, what brings people there, what keeps them there – and, importantly, it can be used to track how effectively a promotional campaign performs. If time doesn’t allow for you to do this yourself, we can provide you with reports that will provide you with the insight you need to make that next business decision.









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