Isn’t that the word they use when great experimental systems are all set to wreak havoc in the world?  That’s my order form.  Thank you so much for your patience as I worked out kinky forms and payment cycles, and for placing your orders anyway.  You can order directly from the Wufoo page: Here is the permalink.  Let me know if you haz problems or if something isn’t clear.

P.S. PAYMENT is via Paypal and when you click SUBMIT you’ll be redirected to a paypal page, your payment gets mailed to me, and your hotpolders are in process.

Since Wufoo* has thought of everything, here is an embedded order form.  You can order right from this post, yay!

Ok, I’m clicking PUBLISH… Thank you!

*Wufoo – developers’ combo of Wu-Tang and FooFighters.